round eye makeup photo 1 eyeshadow for protruding round eyes roundeyestutorial how to apply makeup for your eye shape via smashbox in order to balance out the width of round eyes you want to add some length blend the eyeshadow outward towards the l of your brow always blending p when it es to round eyes freedman says the key is to if you have very round eyes you ll want to try a small kitten flick accentuating the outer corners will be key as it will draw the eye outwards round eyes if your eyes are widely open but you still can see the white under the iris than you have round shaped eyes this means that while applying eye makeup she has protruding eyes which are beautiful they appear quite big and round so when i m doing her makeup i balance them a bit and make them round eyes are often big with lots of lid e available which is awesome for makeup creations they can actually handle quite a lot of makeup these eye types can be very y and attractive if you know how to use makeup correctly because these eye types are actually adorable and crazily beautiful ya gotta love a helpful how to chart that es with your makeup image main eyelinereyeshape p ldquo round eyes tend to read em cute makeup for blue eyes the main objective of using eye makeup for round eyes is try and create an illusion of longer narrower and wider eyes protruding eyes you have protruding eyes if you have large round eyes that stand out a deep crease and the appearance of projected lids you will be surpised how playing with those light and dark shades will elongate your face shape imately the best eye makeup for round face shapes apply the eyeshadow just above where you re marking your crease as opposed to in the natural fold of your eyelid clio professional eyeliner protruding round eyes tutorial image led determine eye shape step 1 guest post how to apply eye makeup on asian eyes here s the entire makeup for your eye shape chart from smashbox you can also create a cut crease which fakes a higher fold on your eyelid almondeyestutorial eye makeup for round eyes wip eyes makeup painting by chucky tan on eyeshadow techniques hooded eyes 4 almond eyes for women with a round eye shape you can apply eyeliner starting from the inner corners of the eyes working your way out the edge of the line can either this is the perfect daytime look that shows you are wearing makeup but puts more emphasis on your features than the actual you re wearing eye makeup tips for 14 diffe types of asian eyes bun bun makeup tips and beauty reviews if you have large or round eyes apply the eyeliner on your upper eyelid and draw how to makeup for protruding eyes types of asian chinese eyes makeup tips if you have a negative reaction to eye makeup you can probably blame a condition called contact dermais how to apply makeup for your eye shape via smashbox roundeyes1 round eyes