almond shaped eyes and how to line them to make them look diffe for diffe styles occasions how to flatter your eye shape blue eyeliner max size 3600 x 2604 diffe eye liner looks for almond eyes best makeup for almond shaped eyes how to do makeup for almond eyes this is great for anyone with almond shaped eyes i use to have a sponge tip that would create depth like this tutorial great to know bigger brighter eyes with makeup eyeliner makeup small eyes almondeyestutorial tips for almond shaped eyes smokey eye make up 1 praise those eyebrows how to apply eye makeup for almond shaped eyes how to apply eyeliner for almond eyes how to recognise that you have almond eyes makeup tips photo and diagram of eyes makeup tips small eyes using matte light shades in these areas opens up the eyes and keeps the pizzazz on the lids deep set eyes makeup eye makeup small eyes how to make small eyes appear bigger line the top lid with a um thick line start by putting a tiny bit before the inner corner of your eye starts go up and around the top lid to the change your eye shape with eyeliner newbeauty tips tutorials you image main eyelinereyeshape change the shape of your eyes by lining them diffely makeup makeup eye makeup and hooded eye makeup almond eyes makeup tips and tutorial eye makeup tips for your eye shape carefully start by applying a think line of dark eyeliner on the top eyelid from the inner corner to the outer corner make sure you are keeping the line eyes that are bigger usually appear to make you look younger and awake all eye shapes are beautiful don t get me wrong i have small almond shaped eyes angelina jolie has almond shaped eyes makeup for almond eyes eye makeup small eyes however not knowing the correct method of makeup application can lead to disaster one exle is eye best makeup for your eye shape is your eye makeup ageing your face like kate middleton daily mail